Below, is a sampling list of some of the lecture topics I have presented:


    Progressive Mandibular Retrusions - Idiopathic Condylar Resorption - Part 1

    The 2nd Molar Dilemma: Preservation or Replacement?

    Centric Relation: Can it be the great mistake?

    The Genesis of Neuromuscular Incoordination

    Muscle Engrams And Motor Learning Programs


    Differential Diagnosis Of Orofacial Pain

    Neuropathic pain: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

    Multisensory Integration

    Vertical dimension: the sensorimotor system and muscle spindle.

    Ensemble Coding And The “Final Common Input Hypothesis.”

    TMJ Osteoarthritis and MRI interpretation: A Diagnostic Workshop

    Masticatory EMG, Muscle Activity And TM Joint Loading

    Occlusal Splints: Who Is A Bad Candidate?

    How Occlusal Splints Work

    The Development of Anterior Open Bite From Splint Therapy

    Periodontal Mechanoreceptors: Do They Play For The Chewing Team?

    Thrombophilia, Hypofibrinolysis And Co-infections Of The Temporomandibular Joint And Orofacial Pain Patient

      Prothrombic disorders

      Co-infections associated with temporomandibular joint pain

      Osteonecrosis of the TMJ and Jaws

      Painful Entities associated with TM joint disorders

      Internal and External Root Resorption

      Disorders and Diseases Associated with Chronic Illness

      TMD: An Infectious Disease Conjoined with Thrombophilia




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